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To be the premier Bitcoin platform for yield-bearing token issuance, trading, and settlement.

Streamlined BTC management ONLorenzo Layer

Lorenzo matches Bitcoin stakers with world-class projects in need of liquidity and security

step 1

Stake BTC

Stakers identify projects needing Bitcoin liquidity on Lorenzo and stake through Staking Agents. Agents will delegate stake Bitcoin on behalf of the Stakers.
Step 2


Once staking has begun, the Staking Agents mint Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRT) Liquid Principal Tokens (LPT) and Yield-Accruing Tokens (YAT) on Lorenzo and transfer them to the Staker.
step 3

Hold / Use

Stakers hold/use liquid principal token (LPT) and yield accruing token (YAT) in the DeFi ecosystem of Lorenzo Layer.
step 4

Withdraw BTC

Once the Staker is ready to redeem their accrued yield and withdraw Bitcoin, they do so on the Lorenzo Layer, then retrieve their Bitcoin and yield from the same Staking Agent who issued their yield-accrued YAT.



Typically, liquid staking protocols only ever stake funds to the native Layer 1, limiting reward opportunities. Staking Bitcoin through Lorenzo to Babylon, however, opens doors to numerous Proof of Stake (PoS) chains, empowering stakers to earn rewards in a plethora of ways and maximize yield while keeping liquidity.

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Projects requiring Bitcoin liquidity can issue yield bearing financial instruments to acquire liquidity from Bitcoin stakers, who will earn yield on staked BTC.

To offset risk, Lorenzo will issue Bitcoin liquidity stakers stBTC, the native Lorenzo liquid restaking token (LRT), for their staked liquid principal token (LPT), and also mint yield-accruing tokens (YAT) for the staking period. YAT holders can claim all rewards at the time of maturity.


Both the Liquid Principal Token (LPT) and Yield-Accruing Token (YAT) can be freely traded and utilized throughout Lorenzo’s DeFi ecosystem.


When the Yield-Accruing Token (YAT) matures, Stakers will retrieve their earned rewards and staked BTC through Lorenzo’s settlement system.